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    日期:2023-12-19   來源:http://www.wbeye.com/


    How is the excavator extended arm processed? Due to the fact that the extended arm of excavators belongs to large-scale heavy industrial products, large-scale specialized equipment is required for efficient and high-quality processing and manufacturing, in order to ensure processing quality and manufacturing level to the greatest extent, such as CNC plasma cutting machines, large-scale bevel milling machines, plate rolling machines, large-scale welding displacement machines, large-scale floor boring machines, and large-scale shot blasting machines (essential).



    The production of excavator extended arms generally uses computer-aided design systems for stress analysis and simulation actions. In addition, the proficiency and practical knowledge, experience, material selection, and manufacturing process of processing equipment employees have a critical impact on the structural strength, performance, and quality of excavator extended arms.

    挖掘機加長臂通過 的電腦輔助設計系統,各類加工設備,熟練員工技能和實際應用知識和經驗,從應力分析、材質選擇、技術和工藝、設計制作等方面保證了挖掘機加長大小臂的結構強度、使用性能和質量。挖掘機加長臂內安裝有內部緩沖板以承受張力負載,延長了挖掘機加長大小臂、挖掘機加長臂的使用壽命。

    The computer-aided design system, various processing equipment, skilled employee skills and practical application knowledge and experience are used to ensure the structural strength, performance, and quality of the excavator's extended forearm through stress analysis, material selection, technology and process, design and production. The excavator's extended arm is equipped with an internal buffer plate to withstand tension loads, extending the service life of the excavator's extended forearm and extended arm.


    The original equipment parameters of the excavator are set. If it is rashly lengthened or heavier, it is necessary to increase the counterweight. Otherwise, due to uneven force distribution, the equipment will be damaged. In the process of developing an excavator with an extended arm, it is important to inform the manufacturer of the working conditions I am going to perform, whether it is dismantling or deep excavation. Different working conditions have different configurations.


    Thank you for reading. The source of this article is: Extended Arm Excavator. For more information and questions, please click: http://www.wbeye.com/ We will continue to work hard to provide you with services. Thank you for your support!


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