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    日期:2023-12-25   來源:http://www.wbeye.com/


    Excavator walking and bucket not moving, boom and stick moving slowly


    Many people have reported that this fault occurred after replacing the seal of the control valve assembly. The pressure when the pump collects the bucket after measurement is 1.5Mpa, which is much lower than the normal value of 28.5Mpa. When preparing to exchange two safety valves, it was found that there was a plug on the faulty side, but the original plug was installed with a safety valve. After swapping the correct position, the machine is functioning normally. After the maintenance personnel replaced the seal of the control valve assembly, they installed the valve and plug position of the group of valves in the opposite direction.


    After being modified into an excavator with extended arms, the entire vehicle is slow and powerless



    Someone reported that the pilot pump oil seal had just been replaced, but it worked normally for more than ten minutes after the replacement, and then suddenly stopped working. Based on this situation, it is first suspected that the pilot pressure is insufficient. After testing, the pilot pressure of the excavator's extended arm was very low, and it was decided to disassemble the pilot pump.


    It was found that the skeleton oil seal of the input shaft of the pilot pump has been squeezed out. There are two reasons for this: installation problems and high pressure at that location. Further disassembly revealed that the oil seal of the pilot pump was installed in the opposite direction. This is the cause of the malfunction. At the beginning of work, the skeleton oil seal was not completely damaged and can still function normally. As the skeleton oil seal can only withstand low pressure, it quickly damaged, causing pilot pressure oil to leak out from the damaged area.


    The piston rod of the stick cylinder automatically retracts after the engine starts


    After inspection, all other actions were normal; After lifting the boom, the stick sinks quickly. If the malfunction still persists after exchanging the handle, it indicates that the malfunction is in the control valve or handle oil cylinder, following the principle of easy first and difficult later. After disassembling and inspecting the control valve stem, it was found that the valve stem was stuck in the retracted position of the piston rod. After vibration with a rubber cock and a copper rod, the valve stem was removed. There is visible shiny iron powder, indicating that the bucket handle sinks quickly. The root cause of the malfunction was determined to be a pulled cylinder on the extended arm of the excavator, and it was confirmed after disassembling and inspecting the cylinder.


    Thank you for reading. The source of this article is: Extended Arm Excavator. For more information and questions, please click: http://www.wbeye.com/ We will continue to work hard to provide you with services. Thank you for your support!


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